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a gift and a present

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Are you excited to receive your gifts and presents this holiday season? Can we use these two words all the time? Let’s learn the similar and different uses of both gifts and presents to expand our vocab!
a gift:
To give a tangible or intangible thing to someone without receiving anything in return.
- Clarissa gave her friend a ring as a graduation gift.

- Christmas gives the gift of joy to many people.
a present:
To give a tangible object to someone without receiving anything in return.

- Danny loves birthdays because he always receives many presents.

- Santa Claus leaves presents under the tree for children.
NOTE: ‘a gift’ can also be used to say: a gift shop, a gift certificate, to gift-wrap, a gift exchange.
Don't Say:   Say:
When Martha travels, she loves to buy presents for her family at the present shop.   When Martha travels, she loves to buy presents for her family at the gift shop.
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DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blank with gift or present.
The best ______ you can give to someone are love and friendship!
                  a) gifts                                             b) presents
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